Analingus - Guide to Oral-Anal Contact

Analingus, colloquially known as rimming, rimjob, tossing the salad, or 87, is the act of licking or inserting the tongue into the anus to provide pleasure. Urban dictionary, a user-compiled website, called it the black kiss. Not everybody feels comfortable with the thought of kissing or licking their lover's anus, or with having it done to them. But the fact is, many lovers are curious about oral-anal contact -- known as analingus and casually called "rimming" -- and often feel surprised by their interest, but when they try it, some become enthusiastic about it.

Many lovers have an accidental introduction to analingus during cunnilingus since the bottom of the vaginal entrance is quite close to the anus. Sometimes a little lick meant for the lower vagina slips further south than intended, and the recipient experiences unexpected delight -- and sometimes a surprisingly powerful urge to explore analingus further.

For other lovers, interest in rimming develops from anal play. The most popular anal activities are sphincter massage and fingering, and many people also enjoy butt plugs and penis-anus intercourse. But as people explore other forms of anal eroticism, many warm up to the idea of analingus.

Another Way To Play

There is absolutely nothing wrong with or abnormal about rimming. If you feel tempted to condemn it, remember that, not too long ago, oral sex was considered a disgusting perversion and was outlawed in many states. Now oral sex is so widely accepted that about three-quarters of adults say they have performed it on a lover and had it performed on them. In fact, many couples don't make love without it.

Rimming may not ever become as popular as oral sex, but in recent years people have become somewhat more sexually experimental. In fact, surveys suggest that around fifteen percent of adults -- more than twenty million people -- have experienced some form of anal sex play. There are no statistics specifically on rimming, but as people become more comfortable with sexual experimentation in general, and anal play in particular, it should come as no surprise that many heterosexuals and homosexuals alike are expressing curiosity about analingus.

Why Analingus Feels Erotic

The anus and surrounding tissue are richly endowed with nerves that are highly sensitive to gentle, playful, loving touch. The same is true for the lips and tongue, and when you put these areas together, the combination can be powerfully erotic.

Another reason anal stimulation feels erotic is the pelvic floor muscles, which lie beneath the surface of the anal area. These muscles play an important role in sex and are the ones that contract during orgasm. Using a sex toy, finger or tongue to massage or insert into the anus stimulates the pelvic floor muscles and heightens overall erotic sensations.

Finally, sex draws a good deal of its emotional power from lovers' wholehearted acceptance of each other. Analingus involves acceptance of an area that's often not accepted -- in fact, one that's usually rejected. Analingus becomes a way for the giver to say: " I love all of you. No part of your wonderful body turns me off." And it's a way for the receiver to say:" I'm totally yours. No part of me is off limits to you." This level of mutual acceptance can be a powerful turn-on.

Raising the Issue

If you're interested in rimming, raise the issue before you dive in. Some couples prefer to discuss sexual experimentation in nonsexual settings. Others like to discuss experimentation while making love. Raise the issue in whatever way feels the most comfortable to you in your relationship.

If you and your lover have open and frank sexual communication, you might simply announce that you'd like to try analingus. On the other hand, if you feel reluctant to admit your interest -- the case for many -- you might raise the issue indirectly, perhaps by mentioning offhandedly that you read something about it on and asking what your lover thinks of it.

If your honey grimaces, chances are that analingus won't become part of your intimate repertoire. Never pressure a lover to try rimming if he or she doesn't want to. But if your lover shows any interest, even if it's couched in skepticism and concern about hygiene, you may detect enough of an opening to pursue the issue, allay your lover's concerns and perhaps introduce it into your lovemaking.

If you decide to experiment with analingus, you also need to discuss who's interested in which role. Some people are interested in only one side of a rimming interaction; others feel equally comfortable in both roles. Before you begin, be sure you're clear on who does what.

The Big Fear: Fecal Contact

Because the anus is intimately involved in defecation, many people assume that oral-anal contact must involve contact with feces. This is possible. Even with good wiping, traces of fecal material may cling to the anus and the skin around it.

However, careful personal hygiene minimizes exposure. San Francisco sex therapist Jack Morin, Ph.D., author of the now-classic Anal Pleasure & Health, insists that the anus, anal canal and rectum usually contain surprisingly little stool. Most fecal material is stored above the rectum in the descending colon. When stool moves into the rectum, you feel "the urge," and it then passes out of the body fairly quickly. Most of the time, when you feel no urge to defecate, there are only trace amounts of stool in the rectum, anal canal and anus -- traces that can easily be washed out.

The Infection Connection

Another important consideration is the possibility of analingus exposing the giver to digestive tract bacteria. The digestive tract is home to millions of bacteria that assist in digestion, notably E. coli. These micro-organisms get incorporated into stool and can be found in and around the anus. Although they help with digestion, they might also cause infection. If E. coli come in contact with the vagina or urethra, t he woman might develop a vaginal infection (bacterial vaginosis) or a urinary tract infection (UTI, also known as cystitis or bladder infection). That's why a standard recommendation is that anything that comes into contact with the anus should not then touch the vulva or vagina.

The digestive tract might also contain other harmful micro-organisms that can be spread during oral-anal contact. Among them:

* Other bacteria. Two significant germs are Shigella and Salmonella, which cause food poisoning. These germs can cause acute and often vicious diarrhea, and it's possible for someone with mild symptoms to transmit the infection to someone else who develops severe symptoms.

Intestinal parasites, notably Giardia lamblia, and amoebas, both of which cause diarrhea.

* Viruses, notably HIV (the AIDS virus) and the one that causes hepatitis A. HIV typically spreads through blood-to-blood contact. Anal tissue bleeds easily, particularly in the estimated one-third of American adults who have hemorrhoids. (These varicose veins of the anal canal sometimes cause pain, but frequently do not, so affected individuals may not know they have them.) If HIV-contaminated blood enters the mouth of a someone who has a minor injury -- bleeding gums, for example -- the infection might be transmitted.

Fun Without Fear

Because infections such as HIV can be transmitted during analingus, it's crucial that lovers who play this way take prudent precautions:

* Wash thoroughly. Before any sexual encounter involving oral-anal play, the area around and inside the anus should be carefully washed with soap and water.

* Consider showering together. Washing is good, but showering together is even better. Not only is it sensual foreplay, but you can both make sure everything is clean and ready to go.

* Consider an enema. For an extra margin of hygiene safety, the recipient might want to try an enema before washing. Enemas rinse the rectum and anal canal, removing most traces of fecal material. They're easy to use, especially the disposable enemas available over the counter from pharmacies. Simply insert the flexible nozzle into the anus while on your hands and knees and gently squeeze the bottle, pushing the fluid into the rectum. After a few minutes, sit on the toilet and allow the fluid to drain out. The bottle can be refilled with warm water and reused.

* Dam it. Dental dams are thick sheets of latex rubber that work like a condom, acting as a physical barrier between the anus and the mouth. They may feel awkward to use at first, but, like condoms, they can be incorporated into analingus easily with a little practice and a sense of humor. Dental dams are available at most pharmacies, or you can simply buy unlubricated condoms or latex gloves and cut them into flat sheets. In a pinch, you can also use plastic food wrap. To heighten pleasure, massage a little sexual lubricant into your lover's anus before applying the dam.

* Rinse after. After analingus without a dam, be sure to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash or, at the very least, water.

In truly monogamous couples, where both people are confident that neither has hepatitis, HIV or intestinal parasites, the only real risk of analingus is contact with digestive bacteria -- and enemas and careful washing virtually eliminates this. According to Dr. Morin, for healthy, monogamous couples who practice careful anal hygiene, the risk of analingus causing infection or illness is "extremely low." Consider your situation carefully. Discuss it. Then decide for yourselves the appropriate level of precautions you want to take. Analingus Techniques and Tips

Certain positions allow oral-anal contact with a minimum of contortions:

* Knees and elbows. The person receiving pleasure assumes the position typically used for rear-entry (doggie style) intercourse, while his or her lover kneels or squats behind. Either partner may gently spread the cheeks to expose the anus.

* Standing bent over. The person on the receiving end stands and bends at the waist, and his or her partner kneels, sits or squats behind.

* Lying supine. The person being licked lies on his or her back, legs bent, knees drawn up to the chest or apart, while the other lover squats or lies on his or her stomach. It often helps in this position to place a pillow under the recipient's hips, which raises the anus and allows for easier access.

* Sixty-nine. Compared with mutual oral-genital contact, mutual analingus requires somewhat more physical flexibility, but many people enjoy this position.

Once you're both in position for analingus, here are some tips on technique:

* Take it slow. Some recipients enjoy having their partner plunge into analingus. But unless they specifically request it, you should approach this highly sensitive area slowly. Massage, kiss, and lick the person's lower back, thighs, hips, and buttocks as you slowly work your way towards his or her anus. A slow approach builds anticipation for what's about to happen and often heightens the eroticism of analingus.

* Use your lips. Kiss your lover's anus and the area around it.

* Use the flat of your tongue. Press it against your partner's anus.

* Use the tip of your tongue. Wiggle it around the anus, slip it inside and move it in and out or wiggle it around in circles.

Whatever you and your lover ultimately decide about analingus, discussing it can deepen the intimacy you share. You will learn more about yourself and each other. You will become clearer about what you're willing and unwilling to try. In the end, as it were, these discussions will help you feel closer to one another and better able to experience whatever sexual pleasure you both enjoy.

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What Women Love & Hate About Anal Sex

Some women think that there's some sort of cranial defect in men that makes them feel like it's necessary to poke their stick around our anal region. Why do you guys like anal sex so much?

Well, it's probably because that section is forbidden as compared to our vaginas (considering our modern sexual mentality). And you feel that because you're violating some sort of unwritten moral code, you have somehow become the Robin Hood of our bodies.

So if you're the lucky fella who gets to deflower our back doors, then that makes you our first sort of. And as many men have ceaselessly informed me, it's just so much tighter back there . My goodness, you'd think that you guys were inserting your penises into a train tunnel and not a vagina, the way you make it sound.

Although many women have yet to feel comfortable letting you introduce the new and improved "doggy style" to them, many have already begun to delve into the kinky world of anal sex. So what do women hate aboutanal sex, or better yet, what do they love about it? Well gather round, gentlemen, because I'm about to focus in on a somewhat touchy (feely) subject.


Believe it or not, anal sex can be very pleasurable for women because the rectum shares a wall with the vagina, and the sexual nerves are actually closer on that side, which makes the sensation unique, stronger and quite possibly orgasmic .

Lots of women think that anal sex is taboo and something only done in those "pizza guy" porn flicks. But in today's society of teen pregnancy, group sex, threesomes, and one-night stands, it's quite evident that anything goes... even rear-ending in the bedroom.

There is a popular saying that women try anal sex twice: once to see how it is and the second time to see if it was really that bad.

Now before I begin, be aware that the things that women hate about anal sex, may also be things that women like about it. So if you see the same thing mentioned in both sections, remember; we're women, and because we menstruate, we have a right to be indecisive.


The following is what many women dislike (to say the least) about the anal aspect of things.

We're powerless
During anal sex, women virtually hand their sexual power over to their partners. So you guys have the ability to prevent a woman's orgasms. And since penetration usually occurs from behind, you enter her sexually when she can't see you. Your penis doesn't have to come into contact with their sexual organs (vagina and all that good stuff), which ultimately leaves her sexual satisfaction in your hands (or penis as the case may be).

You can cause serious damage
You guys can hurt women terribly when it comes to the anal aperture if you're not careful. We understand that by allowing you to enter via our other sacred opening, you feel this overwhelming need to dominate. But keep in mind that if you're not wary and penetrate a woman when she's not quite relaxed, you may end up finding Mr. Poopoo on the end of Mr. Willy, so be sensitive.

It hurts like hell

A guy once told me, "So what? It hurts us too because it's so tight." Yeah, but whereas you're squeezing your skin-covered member into what feels like a solid canoli, we're letting you penetrate a portal that only disposes of waste. Most women aren't exactly thrilled at the prospect of having something that feels like a solid 8x13 kielbasa shoved into an area that only shares gifts with the toilet bowl.

We're scared
We're not sure what you're doing back there and although we want it (after all, we're letting you get to it), our thoughts are filled with the whole pain and suffering aspect of it all.

It's not a vagina; it doesn't secrete fluid
Unless your penis is soaked with the juice from her vagina, I suggest you use lubricant -- and lots of it -- otherwise, she'll jump up to the ceiling and dig her nails into the jip rock. No woman wants an insensitive man whose motives are selfishly induced.

Now on to the good stuff...


Now I can finally let you in on all that women love about anal sex.

New territory
Believe it or not, women are just as excited as you to be venturing into the anal aspect of sex. Yes, they may be apprehensive, but if you have all the right moves, you'll be getting two holes in one (for all you golf buffs) for as long as she's your woman. She may even end up preferring it from behind.

Finding fingers first
A caring guy starts slowly with his finger until his woman feels comfortable. Once she feels at ease with that, he'll apply plenty of lube and a condom when he ultimately penetrates her.

Rubbing the cheeks
If there's anything that can help women relax and feel at ease, it's when a man rubs their butt cheeks softly, spreading them and then squeezing them together. Don't just head for the hole and disregard the rest of her body; it's there for the taking... so take it.

Massaging her back, holding her waist
Like I said before, giving the rest of her body sincere attention while penetrating her will work to both your advantage. Her rectal muscles will relax so that you could enter her more easily, and you'll enjoy the tight-yet-fitting entry, as well as her smooth skin.

Pain is sometimes pleasurable
In all honesty, why do you think women even let you near their behind if they know it's going to hurt? Because you've been begging? Because she thinks that her vagina's as loose as a porn star trying to set a record for the most partners in one night? No, it's because she wants to know how it feels too. She knows that pain is inevitable, but that's part of the thrill of it all.

So there you have it boys, a quick and easy to understand article on what you're doing right or wrong when you knock down the back door. It's very important to remember that everyone likes sex, but you should never be willing to die for it: ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM. HIV and AIDS are more easily spread through anal sex than any other sexual act.


Anal Sex

Anal Hygiene for Anal Sex

Tips to enjoying Anal Sex

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Tips to enjoying Anal Sex

Step 1: Worship Her Ass

Compliment her tushy whenever possible. Tell her how great it looks in those pants. Massage her Ass when you kiss her. Offer to give her Ass massages to put her to sleep at night. All of these things will create an anally positive atmosphere within your relationship. This is step one in making her comfortable with her own Ass and the thought of Anal Sex.

Step 2: Introduce her to Anal Pleasure
Once you've established your atmosphere it's time to take the next steps:
1. Kiss, lick and suck her Ass during oral sex.
2. Insert a well-lubricated finger or small dildo into her Ass moments prior to her orgasm. This can be done during oral sex or masturbation and does require good communication between partners.

Step 3: Training Your Ass For Women

Once you've helped her establish the connection between pleasure and her Ass, it's only a matter of time before you're both enjoying explosive Anal Sex!

Quick Anal Tips

  1. When it comes to anal sex, slow and steady always wins the race! Until, of course, she screams FASTER!
  2. When it comes to anal sex, more lube is always better than less lube!
  3. Lay an extra towel down before you start to take away any "permanent staining worries" either of you might have.
  4. When having anal sex in the msisionary position, play with your partner's clit with your fingers. If you insert your fingers (palms up) and rub her g-spot while fucking her ass, you're sure to drive her wild.
  5. Massage her lower back, ass and neck while fucking her doggie style. Don't forget to play with those nipples the way she likes!
  6. Placing a vibrating egg in her pussy before entering her ass will only add to the sensations for both of you.
  7. Suck her toes while fucking her ass in the missionary position.
  8. When the woman is on top of you (facing away), lean her back onto your chest and play with her clit and pussy. When you insert your fingers (palms down), curl them up and down rapidly to stimulate her g-spot.


Anal Sex

Anal Hygiene for Anal Sex

What Women Love & Hate About Anal Sex

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Anal Hygiene for Anal Sex

Having unprotected anal sex is the leading venue for the transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus. Before any type of anal sex activity, it is imperative that you take proper measures to protect yourself and your partner.

Preparatory Bowel Movements
It's a good idea to have a bowel movement several hours before anal sex (if possible). This will vastly decrease the liklihood of running into something unpleasant and will clean out most of the residual matter in the anus.

Cleaning the Anus
At the very least, make sure to clean the anus thoroughly with hot, soapy water before any anal activities. You can even use a finger to massage soapy water slightly inside the rim of the anus. This will also help to relax the outer muscles of the sphincter.

Anal Enemas
An anal enema is essentialy a surge of water into the anus that looses residual matter and flushes the area. While a full anal enema will certainly be able to clean where you're otherwise not likely to reach, they're fairly uncommon overall. However, there are people who find anal enemas sexually stimulating. If you enjoy it, or can at least handle it, they're a good idea to reduce residual matter. Allow at least 2 hours before anal sex for the anal enema to have full effect. Also, it's not good to perform frequent anal enemas as this can put undo stress on the anus.
Enemas do NOT eliminate ALL bacteria and germs from the anus.

The entire anal region is rich in a variety of bacteria that, suffice to say, belong only in the anus. You don't want to contaminate other areas of your body by inserting ANYTHING that has been into the anus into ANY other orifice of the body.

Using Condoms
Due to the ease of transmission of STD's, including HIV/AIDS, condoms have become an essential part of careful anal sex. Take care to use water based lubricants with latex condoms - an oil based lube will destroy the condom.


Anal Sex
Tips to enjoying Anal Sex
What Women Love & Hate About Anal Sex

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Anal Sex

Alisha Klass is considered by most as the Anal Queen and most of the titles of her movies refer to anal sex like "Assgasms #2", "Behind the Sphinc Door" and many others. In the following post, I'll try to cover everything that there is to know about anal sex and hope that you too derives pleasure from anal sex like Alisha Klass does! If there is anything I have ommitted or you are willing to share information about enjoying good anal sex, please do not hesitate to do so. And also I'll talk about anal sex here with women.
Anal Hygiene for Anal Sex

Anal Sex

Anal Sex or anal intercourse is a form of human sexual behaviour. While there are many sexual acts involving the anus, anal cavity, sphincter valve and/or rectum, the specific meaning describes the insertion of the erect penis into the rectum through the anus. The insertion of a sex toy (dildo, butt plug, vibrator) or other object, the finger or the hand (fisting) as well as the tongue (analingus) counts as oral stimulation and is not considered as anal sex. Anal sex may be performed in either a heterosexual or homosexual context.

Due to the wide range of people who practice anal sex, the reasons that people have for practicing anal sex vary greatly. Some women report that they are able to reach orgasm from receiving anal sex, with or without simultaneous stimulation of their genitals (clitoris). Generally, for women, pleasure is derived through anal intercourse due to the shared
nerve endings that are located between the rectal wall and the vagina, and/or from indirect stimulation of the G-spot. The anus itself contains many nerves as well, which can also react in a pleasurable manner when excited.

Two women may have anal sex by using a strap-on dildo. Many females have replaced the strap-on with such objects as their fingers, fists, tongues, and many other various sexual toys.

Some facts about Anal Sex

Edward O. Laumann’s The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States found that about 20% of heterosexuals have engaged in anal sex, and sex researcher Alfred Kinsley found that number to be closer to 40%. More recently, a researcher from the University of British Columbia (quoted in the May 5, 2005 issue of The Georgia Straight puts the number of heterosexuals who regularly practice anal sex at between 30% and 50%.

Reasons women practice anal intercourse

· There is lower risk of unwanted pregnancy via unprotected anal intercourse (though this is not an absolute guarantee, since semen can leak from the anus, across the perineum, and enter the vagina).

· Anal sex is even sometimes seen as preserving female virginity, because it leaves the hymen intact.

· Another reason is that the anus is considered to be "tighter" than the vagina (especially right after a delivery), therefore yielding more tactile pleasure for the penis.

Risks, safer sex and HIV

There is a high incidence of transmission of Sexually Transmissible Infections through unprotected sex. Unprotected anal sex carries greater risks. Use of prophylactics and other precautions are a medically recommended way to lessen risk of infection.

Condoms are alleges to be less effective and more prone to burst or slip during anal sex than vaginal sex. Some manufacturers offer "extra strong" condoms designed specifically for anal intercourse. These condoms, while stronger, are usually not coated with spermicide and so offer less protection against pregnancy should semen enter a woman's vagina. However, since spermicide is an irritant to both the vagina and the anus, it can make contracting STDs easier for either partner, and can cause complications such as irritation, vaginal E. coli infection, and urinary tract infection. It can also damage the lining of the colon over time and should be avoided in condoms and lubrication.

During heterosexual anal intercourse, a penis that was in the anus should never be put into the vagina without either washing off the penis or changing the condom, as this might lead to vaginal infections.

Legal Status

The legal status of anal sex varies greatly between jurisdictions, from being completely open and legal, to being illegal for male to male participation, to only being legal in marriage or even totally outlawed. In some areas where anal sex may otherwise be legal and the participants are above the general age of consent there exists a higher age of consent for anal sex.


Anal Hygiene for Anal Sex
Tips to enjoying Anal Sex
What Women Love & Hate About Anal Sex

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