Alisha Klass - Synopsis of a Porn Star

Alisha Klass also known as Alicia Lynn Pieri was born on the January 3, 1972 in Chino, California. She is an exotic dancer and one of the most famous pornographic actresses around.

At the age of 2, her mother was killed by her father, who in turn killed himself. Her grandmother subsequently raised Klass. However, after graduating from high school, she went to Las Vegas to become a stripper and sex worker. After ending her job as a sex worker, she graduated with a degree in fashion from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Klass was first introduced to pornography by Ron Jeremy while working at a club; Jeremy was later instrumental in introducing her to producer Adam Glasser, also known as Seymore Butts.

By 1997, she began starring in pornographic movies where she quickly became known for her penchant for anal sex, her willingness to participate in “ass to mouth”, and her ability to ejaculate, or “squirt”, in copious amounts.

Klass became romantically involved with Glasser for a time, but in August 2000, she broke up with him. The breakup was not amicable and various arguments arose between them. For instance, Glasser claimed that Klass never used condoms with her regulars and that she had a one-night stand with Jackie Martling of the Howard Stern Show in order to have a recurring role on Stern's show. Klass further had several publicized fights with her predecessor as Glasser's girlfriend, Taylor Hayes, relating to child-rearing issues over his son, Brady.

In apparent reply to these allegations, Klass claimed that Glasser and McKayla Matthews drove by and yelled obscenities to her while she was cleaning the windows of her ninth-story apartment.

The month before her breakup with Glasser, she stopped making pornographic movies. She appeared in the mainstream film The Center of the World and filmed scenes for the film Cruel Intentions, which were not included in the final theatrical release. (Her scenes are included on the DVD, however.)

Klass briefly dated actor Bruce Willis in 2001. Around this time, she also worked as a host on the Playboy television show, Inside Adult.

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